Tax me tax you

Spending money to gain deductions is a losing proposition. You’ll always spend more than you gain. Getting deductions on money you would have spent anyway is nice, but it shouldn’t be a motive. These are things I learned recently as I spoke with a CPA about options for reducing my tax liability. I pretty much […]

Edtech Irony

Our daughter was accepted recently into the private school we were hoping for. I don’t get excited about good news much because I’m an insufferable skeptic, but knowing where she will be going to school afforded us both a big sigh of relief. The irony in this situation is that the institution where we placed […]

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Jake and the *expletive* Neverland Pirates

Let me just say that I realized before even starting this post that it was going to make me sound like a stick in the mud, fun-hating, grumpy old man. I may be all of those things. Actually it’s hard to quantify me as “old” at this point, although I’m sure to a six year-old […]

Do you eRead?

When people ask if I’m a big reader I usually say not, because typically I assume they mean novels and stories and I just don’t read many of those. However, there are two topics on which I read constantly. One is of course technology, primarily software tech. If you know me, you know I’m a […]

They Are Watching You

Make no mistake; you are being watched. Surely you knew this already. Remember your last trip to a store? Were there not cameras in the sky? Walmart is an example of a store that makes no bones about putting you on video. In their parking lots. Inside stores. Even watching you key your PIN number […]

Climate of Contradiction

“the climate of contradiction that Toyota uses to stimulate creativity and problem solving” (bellware) Aside from being a reasonable tagline for my personality, that line alone has convinced me that I need to do a lot of reading about what people are calling, Lean Software Development. Sorry for the ultra-short post .. I’m too busy […]

Resolve to Suffer

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. At least, I never have in the past. Literally, not ever. As a youngster I remember Lent being a big deal in the Roman Catholic church our family attended and my catechism teacher either forced or encouraged (don’t remember) us to come up with something important to us that we would voluntarily […]


My mother has been telling me this for as long as I can remember, but now Microsoft has joined the ranks of those who believe that I am "certifiable". How do I know? Well, like most of my posts, it’s a painfully long story. Throughout my career I’ve had opportunities to work directly and indirectly […]

Face it, I'm a twit

I’m on a break here at TechEd in Orlando. Next session starting soon, so this will be a short post. I just wanted to let everyone (all zero of you who read this) know that I decided to record my thoughts throughout this conference – and I’m using Twitter to do it. So, if you […]

Trip It, Trip it Good

As discussed previously, my (relatively) new employer is very interested in allowing and helping each of us stay on top of the latest tech and trends in the software industry. So much so that my manager actually sent out an email, unprovoked, in January of this year which included a list of conferences of particular interest and asked which, if any, […]

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