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Edtech Irony

Our daughter was accepted recently into the private school we were hoping for. I don’t get excited about good news much because I’m an insufferable skeptic, but knowing where she will be going to school afforded us both a big sigh of relief. The irony in this situation is that the institution where we placed […]


Do you eRead?

When people ask if I’m a big reader I usually say not, because typically I assume they mean novels and stories and I just don’t read many of those. However, there are two topics on which I read constantly. One is of course technology, primarily software tech. If you know me, you know I’m a […]


My mother has been telling me this for as long as I can remember, but now Microsoft has joined the ranks of those who believe that I am "certifiable". How do I know? Well, like most of my posts, it’s a painfully long story. Throughout my career I’ve had opportunities to work directly and indirectly […]


Helmut Bakaitis

If you’ve never heard the name Helmut Bakaitis before, I’m not surprised. Until a few minutes ago, I hadn’t either. In fact it wasn’t until I decided to look up the actor who played one of the most pivotal characters in The Matrix trilogy that I stumbled upon his name. I also discovered that even though Helmut is an actor, […]

What do NPT and TPS have in common?

As I’ve mentioned previously, my first professional job was for LP which began in earnest in 2001. During my three year stint there I received a fairly thorough introduction into the world of corporate Human Resources (HR). That was partly because I frequently worked with the department while supporting and building applications they used, but […]

Dress coder

Our CTO commented today that, “there are no ties in technology.” I think he was quoting somebody, but I’m not certain. Anyway, his statement was in reference to a QA Engineer candidate who showed up for his interview wearing (what I consider) business semi-formal attire. In other words, he wasn’t wearing a suit, but he […]

Run away! Run away!

One of the greatest film achievements of all time is the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That is not opinion; it is fact (and therefore need not be defended.) Within the script of this inimitable masterpiece is a wonderful collection of unforgettable quotes so vast that not even the IMDB can catalog them all (you would essentially […]

Natural Tranxition

It’s official! My current employment is nearing an end and I have accepted an offer to go to work for software development company, Tranxition. My spell checker keeps trying to tell me that the name is incorrect, but I’m fairly certain I got it right.   I’ll be working as of September 4th for a company […]