Face it, I'm a twit

I’m on a break here at TechEd in Orlando. Next session starting soon, so this will be a short post.

I just wanted to let everyone (all zero of you who read this) know that I decided
to record my thoughts throughout this conference – and I’m using Twitter to
do it.

So, if you like, feel free to follow

If you think my blog posts are random then my tweets (that’s really what they’re called)
promise to be even more so… No idea if I’ll continue my tweeting after the conference
ends, but for the time being it’s a fun way for me to communicate without actually
having anyone I know around to talk to!

Actually there is at least one person I know here, a former colleague named Carlos,
but amongst the moving mass of 6,000 geeks – it’s a little tricky to pick one out.
I assure you, though, if I do manage to hook up with he or anyone else, Twitter will
let you know.

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