I'm Giddy for Google Puffs!

Warning: This is pure speculation. I have no inside
information and no affiliation with Google or its employees.

I don’t think it will be long before Gmail’s website is available offline for PC and
Mac: http://gears.google.com/.

Why would they put so much energy into developing client-side data storage libraries
if they weren’t planning to use them? And certainly searching the entire Internet
offline isn’t going to work (unless you have a REALLY
hard drive) – so that only leaves a few remaining services that are useful

  • Gmail (obviously)
  • Contacts (obviously)
  • Calendar (obviously)
  • Docs & Spreadsheets (probably)
  • Blogger (possibly)

Google has a lot of other services in addition to those – but I see the above as being
most likely, and in the order presented.

I haven’t gotten around to writing my thoughts on Gmail in general, but for now please
accept this post as a blanket “thumbs-up” for the Gmail experience. Honestly, I am
all kinds of giddy about the near-term possibility of in-browser, offline Gmail.

My fingers are crossed and my eyes peeled for additional developments in this arena.

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