Natural Tranxition

It’s official! My current employment is nearing an end and I have accepted an offer
to go to work for software development company, Tranxition. My spell checker keeps
trying to tell me that the name is incorrect, but I’m fairly certain I
got it right
.Tranxition Logo


I’ll be working as of September 4th for a company I have never heard of before,
in a location I have never worked at before, with people I have never met before,
writing software I have never attempted before. A lot of it will be very familiar,
however, in that I’ll primarily be developing in the same .Net Windows
environment that has held my attention for the past three years. Working
for a startup is also not new for me since DAC,
the company I’m leaving, is also a young small business (albeit with a very different
history and culture.)

While it’s a bit of a scary move, so much about it just fits that I really didn’t
think turning it down was an option. This will be the first time in my professional
career that I work on an application that doesn’t fit neatly into the category of
“database-driven business applications.” And for that, I am rather excited. Since
I started my full-time software career way back in 2001 it has always been
a goal of mine to get into new product development for a retail software
company. This will be taking that one step further, since in addition to working on
a new product I will actually be a Senior Software Engineer with responsibility for
design and implementation while mentoring and leading junior developers. Even better
is that since the company is presently undergoing a “changing of the guard” I get
to help select those lucky developers who will join our team!

That’s really all I can say at this point. Partially because I haven’t started yet,
and partially because even after I do start, some of the projects in the pipe cannot
be talked about in public due to confidentiality agreements. Suffice to say there
is a lot of really cool stuff coming up for Tranxition and I am very excited about
being part of it!

Feel free to send your prayers and well wishes my way as I venture off into the unknown…

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