Oh, Tannenbaum!

Crystal and I have been working on a Christmas card and/or Christmas letter to send
out this year. We sent a card two years ago which, as our first year at Hemp Farms,
was basically a picture of our house along with our new contact information (address,
phone, etc.) I spent some time putting it together, but it was quite impersonal.

Last year, rather than repeat our previous inadequacy, we simply didn’t send anything.
In hindsight, that may not have been the best approach, but it did save us a lot of
time! And really, no one wants to see a picture of me – and Crystal felt weird about
the idea of sending a card with just her on it.

This year, however, has been a very big one for us. We’ve hit a couple milestones
and we really feel like we’re starting to “settle” (a nice way of saying we’re getting
old.) As such, we both had a strong sense that we should send a nice card and letter.
So I sat down with Photoshop for
a few hours while little miss Cora was napping and knocked out a custom-made Christmas
Card with a few pictures we had taken last week by Picture
(whom I do not recommend) at Washington
. I borrowed layout and color-scheme ideas from a designer I found via Google,
then scanned and manipulated the “professional” pictures until they were just barely
good enough. In the end, I actually think it turned out pretty well. As I type this,
the cards are being printed by Costco for
Crystal to pick up.

Christmas Card 2007

(click for larger image)

So if we know you, and depending on how much we like you, it’s reasonable to expect
you will be receiving a printed version of this card in the mail soon. In addition
to the card we are also including (for the same low price!) a letter which you can
read to warm your heart, and then toss in the fire to warm your body.

For anyone who does not receive a hardcopy or perhaps (like me) prefers to read things
on a computer screen, here is a link
to the letter
in PDF form. Hope you enjoy.

And in case you don’t hear from me again before the 25th… Please have a very merry

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