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Not the Momma!

I used to watch a lot of TV. OK, I still watch a lot of TV. (Ever notice that allowing someone to form a false assumption and then correcting it can be quite effective in taking their attention away from the judgement they would have normally levied against a character flaw?) Lately I’ve been thinking […]

Helmut Bakaitis

If you’ve never heard the name Helmut Bakaitis before, I’m not surprised. Until a few minutes ago, I hadn’t either. In fact it wasn’t until I decided to look up the actor who played one of the most pivotal characters in The Matrix trilogy that I stumbled upon his name. I also discovered that even though Helmut is an actor, […]

What do NPT and TPS have in common?

As I’ve mentioned previously, my first professional job was for LP which began in earnest in 2001. During my three year stint there I received a fairly thorough introduction into the world of corporate Human Resources (HR). That was partly because I frequently worked with the department while supporting and building applications they used, but […]

Oh, Tannenbaum!

Crystal and I have been working on a Christmas card and/or Christmas letter to send out this year. We sent a card two years ago which, as our first year at Hemp Farms, was basically a picture of our house along with our new contact information (address, phone, etc.) I spent some time putting it […]

Happy is as happy does

Sitting here at the Microsoft Patterns & Practices Summit (West 2007) and just heard a presentation by Grigori Melnik. His topic was primarily around empirical evidence (surveys from the wild) regarding agile software development adoption and results. However, one of the data points he mentioned really struck me as incongruent with one of my long-held […]

Toddlers to televisions

A while back I wrote about how we wound up with a brand new John Deere riding mower. That was an example of how certain big purchase decisions work out between Crystal and I wherein she expresses her disapproval and I proceed regardless. However, there is another (less contentious) sequence of interactions that also occasionally […]

Dress coder

Our CTO commented today that, “there are no ties in technology.” I think he was quoting somebody, but I’m not certain. Anyway, his statement was in reference to a QA Engineer candidate who showed up for his interview wearing (what I consider) business semi-formal attire. In other words, he wasn’t wearing a suit, but he […]

Run away! Run away!

One of the greatest film achievements of all time is the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That is not opinion; it is fact (and therefore need not be defended.) Within the script of this inimitable masterpiece is a wonderful collection of unforgettable quotes so vast that not even the IMDB can catalog them all (you would essentially […]

Writer, unblocked

A little patience and persistence usually pays off. I had a feeling if I waited a few more days, someone would identify and publicize a work-around for the Live Writer 64-bit issue. Sure enough, here it is. In fact I am writing this post from my Vista x64 workstation using Windows Live Writer Beta 3. […]

Writer's Block

[Update: On 9/14/07 I posted a follow up] Since I started this blog I’ve been using a free tool from Microsoft called Windows Live Writer to do all my authoring and publishing. Live Writer retreives all the style information from your blog so as your composing an entry it looks visually just like it will […]

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