Unto us a child is born

For anyone who knows me at all, this should not be a surprise – we’ve done our best
to notify everyone in the living world of the event. But I suppose it is possible
that someone has been engaged in a carefully crafted plan to avoid contact with us
at all costs and therefore was otherwise unaware of our wonderful news. That news
being .. We had a baby!

Cora Marie Hempel is, according to my horrible math, about six months old (I
said it was bad…)
; born February 18, 2007 at 7:09am in Tualatin, Oregon.
She is a tremendous blessing in our lives and an addition we have been anxiously awaiting
for the duration of our (also blessed) five year marriage.


She is, as most women do, quickly learning how to manipulate her father to get whatever
she wants. Just this week she nearly convinced me to buy her a new car. Had her mother
not stepped in – who knows what may have come to pass.

The point of this post is in part to share the news with those who hadn’t heard but
also to inform you, my esteemed readers, that relatively frequent updates on little
Miss Cora’s development and family unit integration progress should be expected. I
presume most will find her far more interesting than they find me. Don’t worry – I
do too.

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