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[Update: On 9/14/07 I posted a follow

I started this blog I’ve been using a free tool from Microsoft called Windows
Live Writer
to do all my authoring and publishing. Live Writer retreives all the
style information from your blog so as your composing an entry it looks visually just
like it will once it’s published. As a result, I can work on my entries over several
days, weeks, or in a few cases even months. Until I’m satisfied with the content,
I just keep the draft saved on my PC. I use another free tool from Microsoft called FolderShare to
keep copies of those drafts synchronized on my work computer, home computer, and laptop.
That arrangement has worked really well. But back to the point.

My new work machine totally rocks. It has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor,
4GB ram, two SATA-II, perpendicular
(seriously, you must watch that video) Seagate hard-drives, dual
20″ widescreen LCD monitors, etc, etc. It also, which was a bit of a surprise to me,
is running Windows Vista x64 Ultimate Editition. The key point there is “x64” which
means it’s a 64-bit
operating system
. That’s great from both a performance and security standpoint,
but it often creates issues with some software that isn’t compatible with 64-bit systems.

One company that has been very good about providing 64-bit compatible software is
Microsoft. Not terribly surprising given that they’re one of the major players pushing
64-bit environments on the computing world. Other companies, especially hardware manufacturers
and anti-virus
have had a harder time rolling out 64-bit ready software.

That is why I was so very, very surprised to find that the latest
of Windows Live Writer (Beta 3) does not include support for Vista x64.
It says so right here (at
the very bottom). I really hope that it’s just a beta issue and they are planning
to support 64-bit in future releases.

In the meantime, what frustrates me the most is that when they updated the download
links for Beta 3, they also took down the links for Beta 2. Which means I can’t even
install the old version which does support 64-bit Vista. Oye!

If you can’t tell … I’m really irked by this. And yes, I did leave the Live
Writer team
some “feedback”.

I’ll go digging through the download folders on my other machines and see if I can
locate a Beta 2 installer. But if not, well, my ability and desire to edit blog entries
at work will definitely suffer.

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